Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rating Explanation

Hello all my lovely readers!

I wanted to take the time while my blog is still fairly new to explain my rating system of the books I review. 
I go by a 1 through 10 rating system and my ratings are fairly simple.

10 - A perfect 10 requires the book to be exciting to read, to be laugh out loud funny or weeping hysterically. It is a book that I want to read over and over again. This is why the first book I reviewed, Easy, got a perfect 10. It is 4 days after Christmas, the day I got the book, and I have read the book a total of 3 times with plans of reading it again tonight. I have to love this book so much I think about it constantly.

9 - For a book to receive a 9,  I have to love the book just as much as a ten. The only difference is I do not spend time thinking about it after I read it. I love it and move on. I may come back and read it again but it will not be the next day. 

8 - There is something I do not like about the book. It is most likely small but affects how I look at the book.

7 - There is multiple things I do not like about the book. Small things that affect how I feel about the book as a whole.

6 - I do not like a character in the book. Not in the sense that that character is the bad guy and the reader is not suppose to like them, but the fact that the character is not well written or does not fit well into the story.

5 - I do not like a character and small parts in the book combined. This makes me dislike the book considerably.

4-3 - I barely got through the book because of characters and plot lines.

2-1 - I did not get through the book at all. The rating will depend on how far I got into the book.

This is a fairly general explanation. If you have any questions about a rating of a particular book, just leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I will be happy to explain it in more detail.

Thank you all for your support!


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