Monday, June 3, 2013

Music Monday!

Hello Lovelies!

Alright I'll let you in on a secret about myself, I hate the silence. I can't stand no noise. Therefore I always have music playing and I do mean always, I can't even sleep in the quiet. I listen to music so much I listen to it when I read. Some people find this very distracting but it helps me focus.

So to make Mondays more fun I thought I'd give you some insight into what I'm listening to from week to week. I would also love to hear what you all are listening to so I can expand my music collection.

5. Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert
        I love this song. It is great to crank up in the car and all but scream-sing to.

4. Come & Get It by Selena Gomez
       This song is hilarious to me. I love blasting this song and dancing around to it.

3. A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope
       This song is amazing! I listen to this song and just bawl! It's such a good love song.

2. Heart Vacancy by The Wanted
     I cannot find words for this song, it's wonderfully sad and gentle.

1. Mirrors (Radio Edit) by Justin Timberlake
     I listen to this song on repeat. It's incredible. I want to find this person for me and if you know the song you understand what I'm talking about. Even if you don't like pop or JT you have to give this song a chance and really listen to the words. AMAZING!

Well those are my songs for this week, each title has a link to the song. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!


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