Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sick days....

Hello Lovelies!

So I have been sick in the bed since Saturday and I have been watching Netflix like it's my job and that is about it. I want to be in a reading mood. But the truth is, I'm not. Well let's be honest, I'm not in a reading for the first time mood. I have been rereading books lately because I am honestly stuck in a rut as far as books go. I cannot for the life of me pick a new book to get sucked into. I have tons of book sitting patiently on my shelves waiting to be read and I cannot pick one. 

I hate when I get into these ruts. I am actually getting tired of my go to books which is scaring me just a little because I honestly will have NOTHING to read if they get stale. So I thought instead of a review I will tell you what I've been reading while sick in bed the past week (well almost week). 

These are my go to romance books and I love them to pieces. 

To my wonderful surprise I have reviewed every one of these books! The link is attached to the picture so just click on the cover and it will take you to the review. 

I have read all of these books books more than twice each and I love them all. They give me that giddy feeling when something goes right and that sinking pit in my stomach when something goes wrong. I love books that do this because it makes me as the reader feel more involved in the story. Four out of these six books I have on my Kindle and I don't think I paid more than five dollars for each of them. 

I would love for you all to leave me a comment telling me what your go to read is because like I said I am seriously lacking on new reads.

Thanks for reading!


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