Friday, July 5, 2013

Ready for the Weekend? - Intro and 1!

Hello Lovelies! 

So I have decided to start a new weekly feature here in my book corner. It will be called Ready for the Weekend and will give you all an inside look at what my weekend is looking like and what stood out during the week.

Book to Finish

Book to Finish will be the book I am currently reading with the goal of finishing it over the weekend. I may not always have this section depending on how busy my weekend will be.

Book to Start

Book to Start will be the next book I plan on starting if I have the time over the weekend.

Book Wish 

Book Wish will be the book I wish I had so I could read it this very minute. I can get very excited about books so this section will always be in the post.

Blog of the Week

Blog of the Week. I am a huge blog fan and I'm always looking for new ones to read. This section will be the blog I am loving most through the week.

Top 5 Things!

Top 5 Things! This list will be the five things that have stood out in my small world during the week.

1. 4th of July and the festival my town puts on every year! Love it!
2. The Lone Ranger - My parents and I went and saw the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp after the festival yesterday and it was great!
3. Baby Daddy -  If you have not seen this show, you need to it's hilarious and so sweet!
4. Rain! - It has rained all week here. I'm kind of sick of it.
5. Being sick :( I have been sick for almost 3 weeks now and thankfully I think I'm finally getting over it. 

Leave me a comment letting me know how you all like this new feature and if there is anything you want me to add to this!

Thanks for reading!


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